Once upon a time in the south of Italy, there lived a little girl called Amalia with her sewing machine. Aged 10, Amalia was already making clothes. This early passion quickly translated into a fulfilling career; from making shirts for Armani and Max Mara to later become a talented prototypist; taking a design, formulating a pattern and turning it in to something special. This natural talent was further cultivated through working on collections and very elaborate garments for the likes of Jean Paul Gaultier, John Galliano, Brioni, amongst others. Amalia’s passion has been passed down through generations.

Eli & Amalia is a family run, sustainable and ethical brand which is committed to using recycled fabrics to minimise the impact of fashion on the environment.

Founded by Husband and Wife duo Nadine and Fabio (Amalia’s son) they take inspiration from the sense of adventure and fun in their son Eli, to produce designs which are bright, vibrant and quirky to delight and inspire small imaginations.


They are passionate in innovation and design; constantly researching new ways to take from nature and nurture the planet. They make fashion for today, tomorrow and the future!

Prior to Eli & Amalia, Fabio worked in Product Merchandising for the likes of Ralph Lauren, Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen. Incredibly well connected in the industry and with fashion in his blood, Fabio brings a wealth of experience to Eli & Amalia. Nadine, from Australia is a London based professional make-up artist with over 25 years experience, working in film and TV, advertising and kids fashion shoots. Both are devoted parents to their son Eli.

Eli & Amalia has ethics and sustainability at its very core, underpinning everything from production to packaging. Using certified recycled fabrics and components and organic cotton; even down to the tiniest button, they are committed to producing high quality clothing for you and your little ones to love, with no negative impact to the Planet.