We are a family run, sustainable and ethical brand, committed to using only recycled or sustainable fabrics. We are proud to share that we are GRS & GOTS certified, environmentally friendly and supply chain transparent. We make fashion for today, tomorrow and the future. We produce clothes for you to love, that the Planet will thank you for!


With kids at heart, Eli & Amalia’s Music Makes Me Happy kidswear collection highlights the importance of music in little lives.

While music can soothe and inspire us all, it can especially help to develop young minds and encourage a love of diverse interests and imaginative ideas.

The collection stylishly blends the relationship between music iconography and its bold or vibrant messages, helping our children to express themselves and discover their own sustainable path.

A journey through sustainability.

Fashion is the second largest polluter on the planet, second only to the oil industry. This must change. As humans, we have a moral obligation to protect the environment from pollution and any activity that leads to environmental degradation.

As consumers, we have a moral obligation to make sustainable and informed choices. As a fashion brand, we have an opportunity to ensure all our interactions with the environment use the resources thact nature proides, but in a sustainable manner. It is our hope that one day, all fashion brands will conform the this. Protecting the enviroment protects humanity and the world we leave for our children.

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